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10 Tricks to STOP Being Awkward

Break the tension

How do you connect with people without getting awkward? what can you do to break the tension in the air?

Compliments are underrated if you want to make a real connection with someone be genuine and positive, complement their personality their appearance or their behavior, the key here is specificity that means the more specific, you are the more meaningful that your compliment will be.

Alright, let’s say you see a stranger help someone in need, you could bond with this stranger by saying hey, i thought it was really kind how you helped that person.

A compliment does two things, first it wins them over, people like to hear praise and affirmation, so a compliment gets you in their good graces.

Second, a compliment builds a positive bridge between you, it creates a faster connection.

Why? well, because you’re boosting the other person’s confidence, you’re helping them feel comfortable around you, when they feel comfortable the tension breaks and those awkward moments just melt away.

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