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10 Tricks to STOP Being Awkward

Today we’re going to learn about 10 tricks to stop being awkward now let’s begin

The funny side

Awkward moments don’t have to be embarrassing, a social misfire may feel like the end of the world like the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, but it’s not, it only feels awkward because you treat each awkward moment like a personal failure.

You put so much pressure on yourself to succeed socially, so you feel devastated whenever you fail.

Hey, if you want to stop being awkward, take a lighter approach, an awkward moment is not a monumental failure, it’s not humiliating or pathetic, it’s a small mistake that everyone makes.

So, instead of criticizing yourself, try to laugh at yourself treat each awkward moment like a funny story that you’ll tell later in life.

These moments are nothing but learning experiences you have to mess up before you get better, so change your attitude toward awkwardness take each embarrassing moment with a grain of salt, it may feel like a disaster but it’s just a mistake.


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