10 Persuasion Tricks Used By The FBI

Today we’re going to learn about 10 persuasion tricks used by the FBI.

1. The friend routine

Who do you trust more a friend or a stranger?

Trust is built on a foundation of closeness and similarity. in other words, you trust people you like more than people you don’t.

In the FBI, likability is priority number one. agents don’t yell or intimidate, they don’t lie to and threaten people instead they create bonds they give people a reason to like and trust them because that trust gets their foot in the door.

When someone trusts you, it affects everything they say and do it changes their attitude it opens them up if you reinforce that trust over and over again people will start to spill their secrets.

In the FBI agents want to be as likable and trustworthy as possible, so they’re intentional with every piece of body language.

They manage their social habits and mannerisms and they use a variety of tricks to increase their likability.

One trick for example is to give someone a compliment we’ve all given and received compliments before but few people recognize how powerful a well-placed compliment can be.

When used effectively, a single compliment can build a bond and a lasting sense of trust, but here’s the catch that compliment has to be genuine, you can’t flatter people just to butter them up.

If it isn’t honest and meaningful, your compliment is going to lose its power.

This technique is hardly an advanced secret but most of the skills on this list aren’t.

The FBI rarely use complicated strategies to gather information.

They rely on simple but subtle techniques that require no professional training with practice patience and a handful of these tricks you can persuade almost anyone.


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