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How to Attract Anyone – The Signal to Noise Ratio

Today we’re going to learn how to use the signal-to-noise ratio to attract anyone.

Now let’s begin how do you attract the attention of someone you like what makes you stand out from the crowd you may feel like you’re competing for someone’s attention you may feel like you’re being ignored or overlooked unfortunately dating is a numbers game there are hundreds if not thousands of options out there sometimes.

You may feel like a little fish stranded in the great big open ocean the growing popularity of dating apps makes this problem even worse it’s easier than ever to get lost in a crowd of potential partners when your profile pops up on someone’s screen you may only have a few seconds to capture their attention if they’re not attracted to you instantly well they’ll swipe to the next person now on one.

Hand dating apps do help you meet people you may never meet otherwise but on the other, you’re vying for people’s attention almost constantly you’re competing against dozens of others.

So, how do you stand out from all the other fish in the sea there’s a concept in electrical engineering called the signal-to-noise ratio the signal-to-noise ratio is the power of a signal divided by the power of any noise corrupting that signal in other words it’s the relationship between a signal in the foreground and noise in the background.

Let’s say you’re talking to your friend in a crowded room you’re trying to hold a steady conversation but the room is so loud that you can barely hear each other in this example the signal in the foreground is your conversation while the background noise includes any music and other voices in that crowded room, in this case, the background noise is louder than your conversation.

So, the signal to noise ratio is very low all right now let’s say you moved your conversation to a coffee shop now there’s very little background noise you can talk at half the volume and you can still hear each other loud and clear by lowering the amount of background noise in your environment you’re increasing your signal to noise ratio the signal in the foreground stands out while the noise in the background stays in the background now.

This concept has a wide range of applications from mathematics to software design but today we’re going to talk about how the signal-to-noise ratio can help you attract potential partners in the context of dating our signal in the foreground is you you’re the object you want the other person to focus on the noise in the background includes all the other people vying for their attention it’s the dozens of other profiles that your crush could choose instead of you.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to raise your signal-to-noise ratio as much as possible if you can do that the person you like can see and hear you more clearly than everyone else so there are two ways to raise your signal to noise ratio think about our coffee shop example when you changed locations from the crowded room to the coffee shop you raised your ratio by decreasing the amount of background noise.

If you lower the amount of background noise your signal gets stronger in dating this is what happens when you meet someone in person instead of a dating app it’s much easier to establish connections in person because there’s a smaller field of potential options alright.

Let’s say you start up a conversation with an attractive stranger instead of seeing a dozen profiles at the same time this person sees just one potential partner you therefore the amount of background noise is significantly lower there’s no guarantee that approaching someone in person will lead to a romantic connection but if there’s less background noise you do stand a better chance now this method isn’t the only way to raise your signal-to-noise ratio let’s say you want to keep using dating apps and in this case, the amount of background noise isn’t going to change.

If you want to be noticed and raise your signal-to-noise ratio you have to strengthen your signal you have to make yourself into a more desirable candidate to capture the attention of someone you like but how do you make yourself a more attractive option how do you strengthen your signal and attract anyone’s attention for the rest of this article.

We’re going to cover four powerful ways to make you stand out the goal here is to strengthen your signal as much as you can but remember there’s a big difference between strengthening your signal and lying to get attention lying or exaggerating may help you get people’s attention but you’ll lose that attention almost immediately.

So let’s talk about four reliable changes that you can make to attract anyone’s attention and keep it.

Infectious positivity

Infectious positivity

Most of the people who date don’t like dating they’re forced into the process because they want to meet someone special but before you can meet that special person.

You have to suffer through a whole lot of trial and error so instead of complaining or feeling disappointed force yourself to be positive approach every new connection with an open mind and a good attitude because positivity is one of the most attractive traits a partner can have just think about it this way.

Almost everyone on these dating apps is in the same position they’re all looking for someone to connect with they’re all struggling to get over the same hurdles that you are.

So, why make the problem worse for the both of you instead of exacerbating the issue be the person who lightens the mood be the person who’s relaxed confident and patient don’t get hung up on how awkward the first conversation can be it’s always awkward no matter who you are.

If you can stay positive and embrace the process your optimistic attitude will attract all kinds of new attention this trick works in every dating scenario not just dating apps if you’re meeting someone in person that’s going to be awkward too.

So, make yourself a more attractive option by spreading enthusiasm and positivity your confidence and energy will attract more people than negativity ever will.

Genuine Specificity

Genuine Specificity

Do you spend hours trying to write the perfect profile are you worried your profile is too long you may be worried your description is scaring people away or boring potential matches but the most important thing about your profile isn’t the length or the language the best profiles are honest genuine and specific when someone reads your profile.

they should get a good idea of who you are as an individual most people don’t invest enough time or effort into their profiles they don’t try to be vulnerable they don’t write anything genuine about themselves they just stick to vague lines and eye-rolling cliches but.

If you want to find your perfect match you need to give them a glimpse of your real personality talk about something that’s important to you tell them about the fun hobbies you enjoy or the most interesting experiences you’ve ever had not everyone.

The right people will this trick works for offline dating too if you want to attract someone’s attention you have to show them who you are let them see a genuine person.

Conversational Commonalities

Conversational Commonalities

As you overhaul your profile here’s another thing to think about whether you’re talking on a dating app or a first date.

You will need to boil yourself down to a few interesting but honest details you could tell the other person anything about your life but the most attractive details are also great conversation starters give the other person avenues to engage with you.

Your genuine personality may attract their attention but you still need something to talk about they have to be interested in something about you otherwise your conversation isn’t going to go anywhere luckily it’s easier to build interests than you think most of the time people brag about their looks their possessions or their wealth thinking those things will generate interest but people are more interested in you they want to ask about your quirky hobbies or interesting stories so at the end of the day potential

Partners want to find things that you have in common things you can talk about bond over and love together.

So, before you decide what to share with the world try making this one big assumption assume that there’s someone out there who thinks your interests are exciting interesting and engaging what would you want this person to know about.

You sure dozens of other people might roll their eyes but the right person won’t and they’re the only person you should really be worried about.

Personal Security

Personal Security

Do you assume the right person is going to overlook you many people do many people think their best qualities aren’t worth bragging about.

If you want to stand out you need to believe in yourself you need to believe that you have something to offer so whether you’re talking or texting doesn’t be afraid to tell people the best things about you because that’s what they want to know if you want someone to take an interest then show them your most attractive qualities.

It sounds obvious but very few people have the confidence or the courage to show themselves off this attitude is tremendously attractive all on its own it’s no secret that people like confident partners they’re looking for someone who likes and respects themselves because you have to like yourself before someone else can like you.

Now obviously you shouldn’t brag too much about yourself but unless you tell people why you deserve their attention no one’s ever going to give it to you hey thank you for watching top think and be sure to subscribe because more incredible content is on the way.

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