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5 Unspoken Tactics: Mastering the Art of Silent Dominance

Since the dawn of time, men have always participated in the game of dominance and power. It’s a phenomenon embedded deeply within human nature, an intrinsic part of our social dynamics.

For instance, young boys continuously challenge each other, men engage in firm handshakes, and take interest in another man’s physical stature.

All these activities are geared towards asserting dominance, a primal instinct we all possess to establish oneself as the alpha in a group.

The Reality of Dominance

Regardless of any denial that may come from some, the reality is clear – there is always a man who dominates all others in a room. This dominance isn’t always physical. It ranges from physical strength and skills to intelligence and charisma.

Every great leader, be it in business, politics, or social circles, uses hidden techniques to assert dominance and rise to the top.

Those who dominate attract money, power, respect, and women like a magnet. Here, we explore five powerful ways to show dominance without uttering a word.

1. Exerting Social Pressure: The Beauty of Dominance

The beauty of dominance lies in the ability to put pressure on others. Men of dominance have the ability to manifest social tension on demand.

Sometimes, they generate this tension just to have fun, merely to wield power and show who’s in charge. This power to create pressure distinguishes the dominant from the submissive.

The Power of Silence

One of the most effective ways to put pressure on others is through silence. However, silence must be backed up by your presence, body language, and eye contact.

To successfully assert dominance, don’t look at the ground or make yourself smaller. Stand firm behind your silence, treating it as your weapon, exuding sheer tension on others.

2. Ignoring: A Show of Dominance

A lot of people engage in meaningless chatter, attempting to overcompensate for their lack of action with empty words.

Ignoring such talk is a way of showing dominance through slight disrespect. It’s a skill to develop, allowing you to maintain an aura of power while avoiding unnecessary escalations.

3. The Power of Eye Contact

Eye contact is a potent form of non-verbal communication. It can reveal the authenticity of a smile, determine determination, and even cause intimidation or arousal.

The eyes can command another’s gaze, transfixed their mind and muscles, using nothing more than the resolve of one’s unblinking eyes.

Establishing Dominance Through Eye Contact

Individuals with elevated status maintain more eye contact during conversation and reduce it when they are on the receiving end.

This behavior is a show of power. It’s crucial to strike the right balance, knowing when to assert dominance with your eye contact and when to ease off.

4. The Language of the Body

Your body language speaks volumes about you and can exude dominance into the world. It communicates to others that you are not threatened by them and shows them that you are the real deal.

Stand up straight with your chest out and your chin slightly lifted in the air, walk at your own pace, and ensure your handshake is firm.

The Balance Between Intensity and Relaxation

The most powerful men know how to sit back and relax. They are intense when they sit on their thrones, but when it’s time to stand up and be firm, they are firm.

Being calm and relaxed is also a way of displaying dominance, showing you are confident and have everything under control.

5. Walking Through Everyone

Stop asking for permission. You are handing people the power to stop you. Reality is negotiable, and almost every single rule can be bent or broken.

When the possible repercussions are moderate or can be undone, refrain from providing others the opportunity to reject you.

Instead, move forward with confidence, and if necessary, ask for forgiveness instead of permission.


Dominance is a primal instinct, a game of power and control. But the art of showing dominance extends beyond physical strength; it involves exerting social pressure, ignoring meaningless talk, mastering the art of eye contact, displaying the right body language, and moving forward with confidence.

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