10 AMAZING Benefits of CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)

10 Amazing health benefits of CoQ10 Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant found in every single cell within the human body. The body makes this on its own but you can get it from certain  foods and it’s also available as a supplement (Ubiquinol). CoQ10 plays a very key role in maintaining electrical current inside your cells,  so that they can produce energy. It also stabilizes the cell membranes,  protecting their outer layers from free radical damage and also helps damaged cells to heal. Wherever there is a high amount of energy being produced in the body, there is also an  increased risk of free radical damage such as in the heart, the brain, or the kidney.

CoQ10 helps to prevent this damage from occurring, which is why it’s in every single cell. Unfortunately some people have low levels of coq10 due to various reasons. Such as overtraining and exercising too heavily, without allowing enough time for recovery. Taking statin drugs, blocks CoQ10 raising the risk of muscle damage and heart problems, Having a fatty or liver damage can reduce the amount of Coq10 being produced in your body, And also consuming too much sugary foods causes more oxidative damage  and the COq10 is used up to heal damaged cells And simply aging reduces the amount of COQ10 your body can make.

(we will be talking about) In this video we will discuss the 10 incredible benefits of CoQ10,  and afterwards you’ll learn how to boost CoQ10 using natural methods.

Just a quick reminder this video is for educational purposes only,  so do speak to your doctor if you have any medical concerns. 1. Energy Production CoQ10 is a helper enzyme which  helps to generate energy inside your cells. It strengthens and stabilises the energy factories  in your cells (mitochondria), helping to transport electrons and produce cellular energy called ATP. 2.

Cellular Health CoQ10 is used by every single  cell in the human body, as it helps to maintain the cell membranes. This is the fat layer around  each cell which protects it from damage. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 protects these barriers  from free radical damage, that occurs in areas of the body where lots of energy is being produced.

3. Fertility & Pregnancy Research show that taking a  supplement of CoQ10 can improve egg quality in women, especially over the age of 35.

This can lead to a better chance of achieving a healthy pregnancy. It take  around 90 days for an egg to mature and be released by the ovaries. So  taking CoQ10 for 3 months can be helpful for couple trying to conceive a child. Studies also show us that CoQ10 helps to improve the health of the sperm in men and increase its  motility. This is very helpful in older men who have hormonal imbalance or prostate problems.

4. Heart Health CoQ10 is often used  as supplement for those with heart disease or cardiovascular problems. If you have high  blood pressure or poor circulation to the heart, not enough oxygen will reach this  large muscle, causing poor energy production in heart muscle cells. CoQ10 helps to feed the mitochondrial “energy factories” to help your heart  contract properly. This improves its ability to pump blood around the entire body.

It also helps improve elasticity in the artery walls to bring blood pressure back to normal.

If you’re finding this information helpful please hit the like button, subscribe  and turn all notifications for my latest health and nutrition tips. 5. Diabetes Having high blood sugars,  or high insulin levels causes free radical damage to the cell membranes and mitochondria. This  depletes CoQ10 which is why all diabetics have low levels of this in their bodies.

Getting more CoQ10 can have a protective effect for diabetics,  reducing the risk of nerve and organ damage. 6. Brain Health About 20% of all the energy made in your body is used by your brain,  causing each cell to produce an enormous amount of energy. Whenever energy is being  produced, free radicals are also produced which can cause damage. Having the right amounts of CoQ10 prevents the free radicals from  damaging the brain cells and their cell membranes.

If you suffer with migraines you may consider taking some CoQ10 as a supplement,  as this helps to reduce inflammation in the brain which may be triggering these painful headaches. 7. Anxiety & Depression New research has uncovered  that taking a supplement of CoQ10 and getting more of it into the diet can improve symptoms  of depression and anxiety.

It has the effect of helping to stabilise the mood,  by supporting the brain cells and protecting the nervous system against oxidation. 8.

Anti-Aging The body needs CoQ10 and REAL  Vitamin C to produce collagen for healthy skin, hair, teeth, nails and joints. Boosting these  antioxidants help to improve skin elasticity, making it appear more vibrant and youthful. 9. Lung Support Out of all of your organs,  your lungs have the most contact with oxygen, making them very susceptible to oxidative damage. Low levels of CoQ10 can result in lung diseases like asthma,  COPD and inflammation that makes it difficult to breathe normally.

Studies show that supplementing with this can reduce inflammation in the  lungs and help to improve oxygenation of the entire body and strengthen the lungs. 10. Cancer Prevention Low levels of CoQ10 have been shown to increase the risk of cancer by 53.3%.

Without enough CoQ10, The DNA and mitochondria  can easily become damaged by oxidation and free radicals.

However taking it as a supplement can help to protect the DNA and also improve  prognosis for people who already have cancer. How To Boost CoQ10 Levels 1. Take a daily supplement of CoQ10 in the form called Ubiquinol. The standard dosage  is 100-200mg per day, however dosages of up to 500mg are well tolerated. 2.

Stop consuming foods that contain refined sugar, including fruit juices,  soda drinks, sweets, pastries and breads. These quickly turn into blood sugar which causes free radical damage and depletes CoQ10. 3. Consume organ meats like beef liver, cod liver oil, kidney, heart etc..

Beef liver paté is an excellent option, or you can ask your butcher to add 50/50  beef liver minced with regular ground beef.

Organ meats are loaded with CoQ10. 4. Perform at least 10 minutes of aerobic exercise 2x per week. Get  out of breath and get the heart pumping.

Training in this manner boost CoQ10 content in the heart muscle. It also boosts the  biosynthesis of CoQ10 in the body to protect all of your valuable organs from oxidation. 5. Consume foods rich in B-vitamins such as leafy greens, nutritional yeast, shellfish,  grass fed meats, and fatty fish. B-vitamins especially B6 helps the body produce CoQ10  and also help to produce cellular energy through the Krebs cycle.

If you suffer with indigestion or have had your gallbladder removed,  I recommend taking a digestive enzyme supplement which contains ox bile whenever you eat.

This will help you digest and absorb more CoQ10 from your food or supplements. The Healthiest NO CARB Foods, Tap Here For more information on some of the healthiest foods in the world,  go ahead and tap on this video on the screen now. Thank you so much for watching my video today,  and as always I wish you great health, wealth and happiness..

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